Automation Multiplier

I couldn’t find a similar tool so I have done mine. Please report if such a tool already exists.

Tool page

rightclick an automation curve, then go to
Process => Automation multiplier…
and just type the value of the multiplier.



Tools should be Process?

whoops! fixed the description, thanks

nice. these are the perfectly simple things that should be default… nice thing that ctrl+down / up is in renoise by 2.8 (i think it wasn’t before?) but you never know what the value used is…

Making a selection in the automation editor, moving the slider and pressing go twice gives:

thanks for the report. it actually has nothing to do with selection (which is ignored in this tool, since it is not possible with the scripting API to access selected points only); the problem you have encountered is due to the fact that clipping values between the allowed range (0…1) was not made in v1.0

please download version 1.1 in the first post of this thread; version 1.1 also supports the difference between unipolar (f.e. volume automation) and bipolar (f.e. panning automation)