Automation Of Effect Bypass?

I believe I’ve seen it in other programs.
Eg. Below halfway would be off, and above would be on.

Is this possible?

you can bypass effects by disabling them.
on: xF01
off: xF00

whereas “x” is a variable for the number of the respective effect in the DSP chain.

Thanks, that will help immensely.

I always refer to the wiki before asking any renoise specific question.
I completely apologize if I miss things here and there. It’s not for lack of searching.

While I completely can relate to wanting people not to waste space asking about things they can find out themselves, people make mistakes or don’t know where to look.

Too much “RTFM” policing is going to make people afraid to ask a question.

Took me quite a while to get into the hang of doing this. IMO it would be good to make it possible to do it via automation as you only have so many pattern effect colomn whereas automation windows are unlimited and not all effects have an option, such as wet/dry mix, which allow you to turn off the effect at lezast as far as audibility is concerned.

Absolutely. It would be quite convenient.

I find myself adding effects to a track 50 patterns in and not looking forward to adjusting the sometimes numerous automation parameters so that it’s “out” of the signal path for those earlier patterns.

Also, on a related note and before I forget another thing I’d like to see automation wise would be the ability to set the curve shape (linear, points, cubic) for each individual pattern instance.

You can can’t you? I use point and linear in patterns quite regular, and sometimes all three, and I’ve never noticed any problems :blink:

My mind could be playing tricks on me, but I could swear that if I changed the curve type in one pattern it applied to all the other patterns.
I’ll have to go back and check.

Yeah I didn’t have time to double check as was about to leave for work and Renoise is only installed on a seperate partition to my web surfing system. Have been thinking it might turn into just about the only bit of software on both though ;)

You should not be afraid to ask a question even if it seems/is a FAQ.
It would help us if you would be able to find it yourself, but it is already easier for us to post a link to the related topic or wiki-documentation if it has already been answered before.

And if the answer there is not clear (enough), then we improve the documentation.
That’s all.