Automation Of Instrument Envelope Points

Hi there,
I thought it would bee neat if renoise’ instruments envelope points could be somehow automated. Perhaps with an instrument-automation META-device… I know they have one dimension too much (X AND Y) but changing one of these is already really cool! For most of the VSTi you can automate the ADRS-something with the midi-meta device, so why not for native instruments?

I would find much more easy the ability to associate more than one envelope to a single instrument and use a pattern command to choose amongst them

I agree

forgot to mention the easiest solution, which is the one used in Impulse Tracker, if I remember correctly: the ability to share samples between different instruments.

this way, to use multiple envelopes, you only have to share the same samples between more instruments and define a different envelope for each one.

I think this will be the way the new XRNI structure will implement this.

That is a workaround I used to do as well… but to get a transient increase in Release for example (which is a very nice/basic effect you hear often in electronic music!), it is not really possible then. The problem is that renoise has a custom build envelope system and since these envelopes are not broken down in the basic ADRS (Attack Decay Release Sustain?) parameters, its hard to automate. Not that I like to downgrade the powerful drawable envelope system to something like ADRS knobs, but it is easier to automate (like in many VSTi’s)…So we’ve to come up with something else for envelope automation and I believe switchable envelopes is not the same as automation on envelope parameters.

Another approach can be that the user can choose whether to use a custom drawn envelope or to use the (new) ADRS envelope knobs/sliders/parameters/smurfs (but this requires more development). Then, the ADSR parameters are easy to automate…