Automation Of Instrument Parameters!

To me one of the most basic features to the Renoise core is missing. The ability to automate the instrument parameters, ie record their positions on a per step basis.

Especially, volume, pitch and the lfos…I almost find them pointless w/o the abilty to automate them…thusly forcing me to make duplicate .xrnis with different settings when it all be done in one .xrni.

Anyone with me?

There are far more adjustments for instruments discussed that more of us wanted to have in Renoise
Your suggestion is also highly desired, but currently too much for this release to happen (and too dangerous without breaking current concepts that even haven’t been tested thoroughly yet). Big changes are now going to happen in stages. I don’t know if this request will be among them, but eventually lots of stuff is getting in and getting in quicker than it got in before.

Fair enough…as much as would like it, I understand that upgrading software is real tricky business!!

One last shot here…what about being able to route lfo dsps to instrument parameters or some of them?

Maybe you wouldn’t have to rework the whole engine that way…I obviously don’t know which is why I am asking.

Yay, there are lots of obvious instrument related features pending, but we simply didn’t managed to get them all done now in a single update.

Automation of the instr. modulation, AHDSR and other modulation modules. Cross connecting modulation modules (stacking LFOs). Using a chain of modulation modules (as many LFOs, envelopes you want). Sample groups, envelopes per sample and group instead of instruments and many many more stuff.

Let’s see with what we can come up with in the next releases ;)

Cheers M8, thx for your response. I will definitely push for the above, esp…first few. Have been satisfied with renoise from the start with the exception of this desire. The eventual inclusion of these features will cement my “Renoise for Life” status. :walkman: