Automation Of Pattern Effect Values

I think it’s a great idea. Perhaps a metadevice is in order? I’d love to be able to LFO my retrigs, for instance. Adding a nice LFO’d swing to a track using the delay column would kick ass too.

+1 for being able to draw values for different patterncommands in the automation editor! Would it matter if these than still be visible in the patterneditor, after creation of an envelope?

  • What do you have in mind for a metadevice? Wouldn’t ,previous mentioned, be sufficient?

G0LD, I would use it ALL the freaking time

I’m thinking the metadevice would simply be a bridge to the column or pattern effect.

Pattern Effect Device Parameters:

  • Effect - A dropdown of available columns and effects
  • Value - A value slider, range: 0-255
  • Trigger Mode - A mode parameter, modes: {Note On, Value Change, Manual}
  • Trigger - The manual trigger parameter, when this is changed, it triggers the pattern effect

The trigger mode would control when the pattern effect was triggered. This is important, because in most instances, you won’t want the pattern effect turned on for every tick. Note-on would be useful for sample offset for instance… Value Changed might be good for the Delay column… and Manual would be for when you want absolute control over when the pattern effect is triggered. The manual trigger would work much in the same way as the LFO Reset parameter, minus the value actually doing anything.

This might not trump my global humanize request, though, as I’m fairly sure using LFOs and metadevices would still be a bit more processor intensive.