Automation On Script

Is there possibilities to link any scripted sliders with automation? I need to automate sample envelope points (position and value) to make something like ADSR controller to sampled instruments. And then automate it. Is it possible?


The first and most important thing to understand is that the Lua tools are not running in real-time, ie. they are not running in the audio thread where song events and automation get processed. They are actually running in the GUI thread, so their timing can vary a lot based on other things that are currently being processed. Audio always takes priority over any GUI activity. Because of this, you simply cannot guarantee that something you do in the tool will be processed perfectly in sync with audio events that happen in your song.

You also cannot link a Lua tool slider directly to automation. Renoise cannot ‘see’ the tool slider as a device parameter that can be automated in this way.

However, with those limitations in mind, it is actually possible to hack around this and get some pretty interesting functionality. A tool can still listen to event notifications coming from devices, ie. when a parameter is changed, and the tool can then use that as a trigger to change some other property within the song, or to write some pattern data, or anything else really. So you can basically use a ‘dummy’ device such as a Hydra which is not actually connected to anything else, attach notifiers to its parameters, and then use those parameters as your automation triggers.

Quite recently, vV posted a nice example tool that demonstrates such a thing:

Thanx a lot for answer. And i check vV tool of course, this is really interesting idea.
Anyway i think the some sort of change-sample-env-on-the-fly device will be very useful, coz renoise have more quality on sampler engine instead of (for example) kontakt, but i force to use kontakt for it dynamically changed env’s (via automation).