Automation over multiple patterns

I noticed a few posts about automation envelopes over multiple patterns back in 2011 - has this been implemented - am I missing something?

If not, I would have thought the easiest way to implement it would be to change the “horizontal zoom” of the current pattern - that would allow let’s say 4 patterns in total to be automated over.

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I hope one day for something like that - would make fade-in/fade-out of volume, etc. take a lot less effort. It’s pretty easy, though. Just takes a little longer.

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The Line tool highlighted in the second screenshot will allow you to draw ramps across multiple patterns.


@rainydayshirts - I can’t make your screenshot any bigger. Can you please add a larger one so I can see what you’d done? Or specifically … what do you do to get that tooltip to appear?

Well, wouldja look at that! Now I know what the heck that does! And you can adjust the curve in each of the separate patterns.


@rainydayshirts Oh… Just the Line button. Mine is enabled… Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to drag it?? I’ll give it another go shortly. I must be getting old…

If you use Chrome: Right click the image > Open image in new tab

Or drag and drop the image from the page up to your address bar or a new tab slot.

Maybe works in other browsers, too? I haven’t used any others in a long while.

  • Zoom out the automation editor to show multiple patterns.
  • Enable Line mode.
  • Click once in pattern A to create the first point.
  • Click once in pattern B to create the last point.

Tool tips appear when you hold the mouse cursor still over something for a few moments. Make sure the tips are enabled in your GUI preferences.

@dblue Hehe. That’s actually quite easy! I do find myself getting quite frustrated trying to adjust existing line points - that’s when I often notice the scrolling to the other patterns. I’ll battle with this on a “blank” song instead of breaking my latest creation. :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

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