Automation Over Several Patterns


Has anyone got a good way if doing automation that durrates over several patterns? Mainly thinking of reeeeaaaally long filter sweeps. The best way known to me today is to pick out old friend calculator and calulate which values I want for each automation pattern. But it sure does not feel like the best and most intuitive way.

The join selection is great and it helps out but when joining 8 or more patterns a not so pleasent side-effect appears. To scroll through about 512 rows is not fun and really slows down the work. (This makes me want an arranger even more!)

If there is a clever solution for this I would be very happy to know :)

Yea, I would also like to know.

Is there coming any changes to automation, to see multiple patterns automation at once for example?

Maybe in a coming update? :slight_smile:

There is a clever solution… I think I should post a pictorial on this somewhen… Please let me know if this helps, if it does not I’ll post more clear instructions.

I’ve automated stuff using lanes that are several minutes long using this method for quite some time now…

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But gotta warn you a pictorial will take some time so it might help solving this for yourselves first with midiyoke and energy xt.

You just need to make the connections so that Renoise can receive the midi output from Energy XT…

EDIT: and make sure that there is no MIDI loop 'cause that will bend any computer to its knees…

Energy XT is indeed a clever solution but maybe it is a function that Renoise should have aswell. Would be great in many situations.

would be cool. but i would start with the ability to view/edit pattern that arent in focus. i hate it. its the only thing
that is frighten me away over time.
a “free” edit- cursor (besides the ‘playback- cursor’) could help for tweaking the transitions between the pattern in renoise.