Automation point sticking

Just noticed that the automation points can ‘stick’ when very close together.

In the image if you try and drag the hilighted point upwards while keeping to the right, it doesn’t want to move up


Here is an xrns to test. Panning is automated on first and only track,

Snap to grid is off:

Automation Stick.xrns (3.3 KB)

edit: also, It doesn’t happen once you zoom right in.

Hi @Ledger
I saw this when I built a tool to generate automation points, long time ago.
Apparently, Renoise has a somewhat accentuated affinity in certain cases, depending on the zoom used. Probably the condition that establishes the “affinity between 2 points” has a very high range. Maybe I should only react if the 2 points really are very close together.

These details are what make working with automation points tedious. I wish taktik decided to invest his time in improving the Automation Editor much more, which is precisely the Editor with greater capacity and precision to transform things.

In my tool, I created an affinity effect between 2 points. Simply, when one point was very close to the other, it joined automatically. But really, the 2 points must be very close.

Finally, I threw the project in the trash, because it is not practical to have a floating window to generate custom automation curves, difficult to fit for each case, when this should be done directly by the Automation Editor. Floating windows are very useful for other types of tools, but not as an alternative editor for the Automation Editor, because they break the workflow.

I remember that in the API there was also a problem with the last point of each pattern. You know, extremes are often the most difficult cases to deal with.

This rings a bell too, from my automation single slider tool. I can’t remember how I dealt with it but maybe, I’ll post back here if I can dig it up.

Anyway thanks for confirming the bug.