Automation Points

i was just automating a really sweet vst effect and i was doing alot of clicking and i think my other hand may have been on another button possibly, but

it generated a smooth str8 angle ramp!!!
how did this happen?
it kept clicking at the time and the angle kept following my clicks it was soo sweet
could anyone tell me how to do this again?
i looked through the automation page but didnt see anything pertaining to this
“glorious” action

i dont know if i clarified what happened or not but each line of the pattern in the automation view had a point in the smooth st8 angle of the ramp

AH HA its double right click but it only goes one way, so far i see

can we make it go the other way? :unsure:

yeah thats exactly what im talking about

i really like it too!!!

i guess maybe it would make more sense that i was trying to figure out if it was possible to change the focal point

It’s kind of tricky to make it happen, but, this is what causes the envelope slope for me. …

Obviously a normal double click with either left or right mouse button will delete the point in the envelope, but when double right clicking, hold down the right mouse button on the 2nd click, then move the mouse. This seems to trigger a bug in the envelope drawing routine?

On another note, I’m sure plenty of people knew about this already, but I only just discovered it while trying to recreate this “bug”, hehe.

I knew it was possible to draw an envelope freely by using right mouse button, and that you can hold down CTRL while dragging points in the envelope to carefully finetune their position. But I had no idea that you could hold down ALT and left click to drag the envelope around, or do ALT + right click/drag to “amplify” the envelope points.

I love it! You learn something new in Renoise every day :P

oh man thats nice!!!
i didnt know about the hold right click :walkman:
hey btw the other day when we were talking about sample and hold
i found a really nice vsti for the job
i havent been able to get on IRCnet to tell you so i guess if you come back to this page then you’ll know to get this:
i was doing some extremely whiikiiid shit last night with the automation
its exactly like how we were talking about playing with the loop points :dribble:

i hope this isnt gonna get cut out since technically its in the wrong section

oh yeah its the one called Mini-Sample

Nice find! I’m playing around with it now. Slightly strange controls, but it seems to do the trick!

Cheers. :D

def play with the fonction & in controls :)
it is kinda cumbersome at first but after a bit its sweet