Automation quantization during performance/recording?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a way to quantize live recording/performance of automation events. For instance, say I am using a repeater on my percussion bus and want my repeater mode and divisor events to only trigger/register every X number of lines. Do we have a way to do this? Via tool or natively?

I know about setting the snap resolution in automation editing, but this doesn’t seem to impact the timing of automation events as they are performed/recorded, only in editing…

Much thanks for any help!

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anyone got any ideas for achieving this? Would really help with live performance… got one coming up soon, so any help earns eternal gratitude :pray:

I don’t know of any native way or tool for doing this but I can think of a workaround that I would personally use and it’s to not use the automation panel but instead use a separate blank track which will be used as control track from where you trigger midi controlled fx.

So basically what I’d do is bundle the repeater into a doofer, then assign the macros of the doofer to the parameters of the repeater that I want to control, this then stays on the audio track I want to effect. I then make a second track and put in key trackers and map them to the doofer macros on the audio track so that specific notes control specific macros. Then I’d turn on the quantize settings to whatever number I want, put Renoise into record mode, let the song play, and as it’s running I press the keys relevant to repeaters parameters I want to control and Renoise records my midi input and quantizes it for me.

Of course if your using a repeater your gonna want to assign a macro to turn it on and off as well otherwise when you press a key to make it repeat it will latch and stay on forever if you don’t have an off switch

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Thanks for the idea, man. This seems like a workable workaround. Gonna try it out shortly here.