Automation-View Enhancements


i am very pleased with the new automation enhancements in place since 2.7 to start of with. but there are two very small but pleasant details i’d hope to see implemented into renoise.

first of, it would be handy if the automation view automatically jumps to the first automated parameter once you open the automation-tab. most people maybe do one or a couple of automations per channel. so usually the first is also the one you want to see in action. now it stands on the top parameter in the tiny parameter-list on the left and you have to scroll and search for it yourself.

another thing i was thinking about, in the automation lane’s parameter-list on the left, i would very much like to see a knob or something to select a view-mode only showing all automated parameters so you can quickly switch from the different automations you did within that channel. without having to scroll throught a lot of parameters on that tiny parameter-list. especially if you have quite a view plugins set up in that channel, chances are that you have done multiple automations with different parameters :wink: scroll scroll scroll…

just my 2 cents!

all of that is great, but what I really miss is an option to show/open the vst window while I’m in the automation editor, right now you always have to switch tabs back and forth to ‘Track Dsp’s’.

my second wish seems to already be possible that you can select a mode that only the used automation parameters get listed… i just needed to select the small “only” button on the left upper corner in the parameter-list…

well knowing that is possible my first idea is not that bad anymore… just select only and directly select the automated parameter you want to see… just 2 clicks and no scrolling… quite an improvement already…

like cartman said : “i love you guys…”