Automation Window Issue / Question


I have been playing with 1.8.0 for a few hours and have noticed something odd in the Automation window. This may not be a bug so I have not posted this in the Bug Reports forum.

Right, so when you are editing automation curves you can hit the Return key and a highlighted line appears on the step which corresponds to the position in the pattern you are editing (following me so far? :))

OK, well hitting Return makes the pattern advance by 1 step.

So this highlighting thing in the automation window actually requires you to move back one step with the Up arrow and then press Return to get the highlight in the desired position…

If I am being a total dumbass please let me know, but I dont see how this is very good. I like the idea of highlighting exactly where you are on the pattern whilst looking at the automation, as it means you can connect pattern position, and therefore note position, with the automation curve in your mind, but this way seems a bit clumsy.

Any thoughts (if you can actually understand that badly written drivel)?

This “return” thing is related to the DSP parameter value problem and actually has no deal with automation.
You notice this there very much because of the line that appears.
If you have follow mode turned on, any effect column command you change into your track will automatically alter the value of the DSP parameter (if the first digit references to it ofcourse) if you advance to the next row. This behavior is usually not desired, just only in some cases. Now by turning follow mode off, you can prevent this situation from happening, but this also means that the last played position should be locked to the row where your last change has been performed.
That is why you see an extra highlighted bar on that row and an extra line in the automation editor.