Automation , Zoom At Cursor

Just like in the sample editor , zooming at mouse cursor .

Yes, it`s what you might expect,

it`s pretty annoying at the moment to aim for a spot to finetune and then end up having to scroll precisely afterwards.





I also like the Sample Editor’s cursor snap functions, would be swift to mimic that as well as zoom to selection.

I was going to start another topic, but I’ll just add here since this is Sample and Automation Editor related.

In the Sample Editor,

I click on the sample with a selected snap cursor type such as “16th” and hit my globalized custom keybinded begin selection, then click on another section and hit my globalized custom keybinded end selection. Then I have several options, such as zoom to selection, which I find to be fast.

In the Automation Editor, I can’t use the cursor along side my globalized begin and end a selection. I have to use the left or right keys to do this.

This is what already happens now, but when you have selected any of the pattern locking zoom modes (1/2,1,2…), then zooming must also snap to pattern boundaries.

Setting zoom mode to “free” will always zoom freely, will zoom !exactly! at the location you are pointing with the mouse.

True. Thanks for clarifying that.

Forget my suggestions as the more I play with the automation snap features, the more it makes sense.

So far, from what I understand…

“1” - “Full” displays patterns in full view, so 16 will display 16 patterns in full view.

Snap zoom to current seems to snap to “1” as in 1 full view pattern. For example if you have “8” full view patterns, from pattern 3 to 10. Snap zoom to current will snap to 3. If you are in “1” view, the boundaries are halved, meaning if you’re zoomed in the first half, snap will go back to “1” view in the same pattern. If you are in the second half, snap zoom to current will snap you to the next pattern.

The three new key-binds are pretty swift, at first confusing.

documentation, or is this becoming a button?

sorry for hijacking, but I feel this is somewhat related. I can’t believe only Jonas agrees to this