Autorender tool?

hello all,

maybe that tool exists (that would be awesome)
my 2010’s file is 2000 .xrns files
(a third of it are backups)

i would like a tool to render all the tracks that are in a windows file

it would need to open every tracks then to say fuck you to the windows that says that i don’t have the 10 years old version of this vsts render all track, opening the next track etc

i did it with a mouse record but as project opening/closing/render time is never the same that’s tricky

i guess i don’t have to explain how it would be convenient

thanks by advance

If a renoise tool is capable of dismissing open windows, I could work that into a batch song renderer I developed, but m not sure if the Lua API can interact with windows from other vsts or errors

There’s this: Batch Render | Renoise

I haven’t tried it, nor do I know if it would work within v3.3+, but it may be a good guide.

This tool is related to this topic:

You can choose a folder, and render all the songs, even separate their tracks or patterns.

But the API does not have control of the notice popups. If the tool loads a song and any plugin fails or is missing, Renoise will invoke a popup window, which the tool will not be able to close automatically.

These types of popups act as a pause in the process. They need user interaction.