Autosave Only When Change Detected Please.


I frequently play some notes on my midikeyboard,
and when the autosave triggers, it creates a clicking sound when writing the file.
(because of the tight settings on the ASIO driver).

I could enable more delay/buffer to compensate for this “system load”.
Only that is not what we want, do we?
So why save an RNS file, that is not changed during the time i just play notes?

Of course, i could disable the whole autosave, but what good is that?
I want the autosave to be there, helping me when im actually creating work that has to be saved.

Maybe a modification to the option “autosave while playing” will do the trick:
When it is enabled: ALWAYS save in the frequency given.
When it is disabled: Only save on RNS change (pattern, automation etc.).

I hope it is easy to code! :rolleyes:

Autosaving only when the song has changed makes a lot of sense, and Renoise already knows if a song changed since it was last saved, so yeah…

  • saving undo levels … cough :P

And if it’s hard to code, then make a hotkey to effectively disable and enable the autosave ;)
Oh no nothing said, please fix the autosave saving no changes :P

Would be large files if all sample-editor undo levels are saved along them.