Autosave When Playing

Yesterday i was working on a song for several hours without saving. Usually i never have much crashes and save on a regular basis, but i always keep the setting - Autosave when playing on. So yesterday i finally got a crash caused by one of the plugins. I kept checking the same folder as the song and searched the entire PC, but can’t find the backup anywhere. This feature doesn’t seem to be working. I never really checked cuz i rarely had any problems, i checked my settings and it’s set to save every 10 minutes. But the “Autosave backup” is unchecked. but “Save while playing” is checked. Shouldn’t they work independently of eachother? otherwize i would think there should be a design change making so that you can’t check “Autosave while Playing” if the other is unchecked.

I always thought the song was autosaved automaticly while keeping this checked just saving over my current song, but unfortunatly not. The last modified date on this song was set a few days ago when i last worked on it :(

This problem should be solved once and for all.

I suggest the first time you launch Renoise, some dialogue that says:

Do you want Auto Save turned on?

[Yes] / [No]

Pros: Saves your work every few minutes.
Cons: Resource intensive, may affect performance.
You can always change this later in the Preferences pane.

isn’t there anything in

(Application Data Folder)\V(Version)\CrashBackups  


for example, in Renoise 2.6.0 for Windows (English) it should be under:

C:\Documents and Settings*MyUserName*\Aplication Data\Renoise\V2.6.0\CrashBackups  

“Autosave while playing” means that a backup is being made while the song is playing, if it is not checked, Renoise waits until you stop the song and will make a backup as soon as the song stops. It does not mean that a song will always be saved.

If the “Autosave backup” option is unchecked, all other autosave options should be greyed out, i think this is the only way to prevent this kind of confusion. Since if the autosave backup is unchecked, the autosave feature is completely disabled.

Nothing in the crash folder either. The softsynth failed, got a message, i tried to save the song, but just as i was saving the whole program ust started stuttering. and i had to terminate from the task manager.