Autoscroll On Record Modus?!


I just switched over to 2.0.0 from 1.9.1

When ich press right shift record modus starts and all the screen is moving down. oO
Maybe i am blind or something but i cannot find how to switch this OFF.

OKAY, i found the button myself:
Why the blub this is default on? :panic:

Ah, sorry to make you get confused.
This is related to the Quickstart Guide for Renoise newbies.
We want to tell that even the beginner who just touches to Renoise for the first time can input some notes easily.
So hope you all understand it is default on.

Play and record = right shift
Just play as is (either record mode on or off):space or right ctrl (or command on the Mac)

I was talking about scroll or auto-scroll whatever you call it.
It is default active in 2.0.0.
I was using Renoise for some years now and never used autoscrolling before. I never even knew the button to switch it on/off ^^

You mean the pattern follow mode? there has been a function for that for over years. Without it recording notes is pratically impossible. The short-cut key for that is (would one expect any other key?) scroll-lock ;)

as far as I know it has always been on by default. probably you have switched it off years ago and never switched it on again. I wonder why this configuration was not imported from 1.91 to 2.0 for you. maybe you don’t have 1.91 installed on this PC?

I did many system installation in the last weeks. Every time i installed renoise 1.9.1 on the new OS(debian) autoscroll/autofollow wasnt active on default.
But with 2.0.0 it does.