Autoseek Option For Vst/Midi?

Wondering if this was considered when autoseek for samples was developed. It’s now common in other daws (although at a global setting) and can be useful for long notes.

That is simply called sync or setting master/slave option in the midi preferences (which is also a global setting in Renoise)… Selecting a midi slave device adds a pair of LED’s on the top right of the Renoise frame and an extra clock button next to the Beats /Min. option in the transport control area that locks to the master device’s positioning if this clock button is toggled on.

The catch is that the master midi device should support SPP protocol. Lots of devices use MMC timing so this could be a nice add on feature in one of the future Renoise editions.

Cubase / Logic - Chase Events
Fl Studio - Play truncated notes

vV - not sure if this is the same thing I am referring too? But as I no longer have any midi hardware I’m more interested in it working for VST instruments.

If the VST instrument supports it, then it should sync with Renoise automatically.
ReVisit for instance supports synchronising with the sequencer of Renoise.
If you have a VST plugin that requires synchronizing based on sample position, then this probably is not yet supported by Renoise, but i don’t know this for sure. But song positioning is supported.

Thing is a VST can’t be told to start half way through its envelope can it. I guess it means it just triggers them from the start if there wasn’t a Note Off since the last played note. Is that how these other DAWs you mention do it? Some more explanation could be useful…

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant, thanks for clarifying.

That’s impossible to achieve. VST plugins are much too independent for that kind of trickery. And midi devices in that regard as well.
I know some VST plugins have internal sequencers that run along with the pace of the host they are running in and in that regard things can be done or improved, but single shot events in plugins that need note-triggering don’t offer space for the host for solutions of any kind regarding synchronisation.
I think Cubase, logic and Fruity loops are using some kind of Freezing technique where they buffer the VST’s output and then recall it if a specific position is called after the note was triggered, but i don’t believe the VST technology allows for such a feature natively inside the plugin.
Freezing has been requested quite a few times and that still is a good suggestion.

Well, it’s not really so complicated. All it does is catch up with any automation events and trigger any notes that should be playing at the position you start at. It’s not perfect as if you have an arpeggio using the VST’s own sequencer then that may be out of sync. But if you are editing a melody part over some long playing chords it can be useful as you don’t have to keep restarting from the top to get everything playing. Freezing is maybe a better option, but I thought I’d bring it up as there could be some reusable code that would make it relatively easy to implement if there was any interest.

This would be superb.!!

If it is possible, then +1.

Out of curiosity, which DAW supports this?

check this here in logic; here from 17:52;

currently fiddling with serato sample vst , and a midi chase within renoise would make it so more usefull!