Autoseek + Play Current Line

I notice that if you have Autoseek enabled on a sample which plays at the beginning of the pattern, starting playback from the middle of the pattern plays the sample as expected, but if you just play the current line with ENTER, the Autoseek does not take effect and nothing plays.

I guess the correct behaviour here is debatable, but for me at least it would be useful if Autoseek did also take effect when playing just the current line, so I can compare one chord with the next by going up one line, hitting ENTER to play the previous chord (with autoseek), moving down one line and hitting ENTER to play the next chord.


I agree that it would be nice if autoseek worked for “return” play aswell. It is what you might expect.

Also currently if you are on the line where the sample is triggered from and press return it will play to the end i.e. exactly the same as with autoseek off.

Damn, I hadn’t noticed this yet.


Ledger - but this is how I imagine single-line autoseek playback would behave too. Are you imagining that playing a single line in a 64-line pattern would play a segment of the sample relative to the realtime duration of that line and then cut out? I guess it has to be one way or the other, if it’s implemented. A third option would be for that relative segment of the sample to loop perpetually until Return was hit again…could be cool but would often sound mad. Would be a nice optional behaviour :)

makes sense indeed

Sounds more like this audiotrack that we all are in dire need of…
I also miss nice opportunities like in-place exy retrigger functionality… (apply retrigger on the current played position rather than the start of the sample, specially for beats this would be a real treat)

What would be even more awesome is when you hit ENTER to play the current line, the autoseeking samples would have their note values displayed in faint text on the current line, so you could see what the chord notes were as well as hear them. This would eliminate “scroll back to see what the previous note was” for good.

+1 :panic:

Good point. I’ll look into why this isn’t working.

so, it would just play the sample for the duration of the line in the pattern?

Yes was imagining it should play that one line segment of the sample then cut out. i.e. the same as pressing continue then stop for one line does currently.

Seems it is being adressed now :)

No, this is not how hitting enter behaves now, so it should also not with autoseek.

Excellent idea for autoseeking. It would help you see which tracks have got audio playing on them too.