Autoseek weirdness 3.2

Getting this odd thing with Autoseek in 3.2 where earlier in a tune lots of tracks going with Autoseek are fine, then later, around 3min in only some autoseeked samples play properly if you play a pattern mid file. It’s as though they aren’t autoseeked. Is there a limit to how many autoseeked samples there can be?


Definitely nowhere close to out of memory. 32gb ram, tune is like 200mb tops. Not sure how to make an example xrns without giving you this one which I can’t really do. I know all about note offs etc. Like I mentioned, the autoseeked tracks play if the song starts before they are triggered. They do not play when you start from a pattern they should be autoseeking within after that takes place.

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Weird. They are all on their own track but I didn’t know that. Guess if you were faking some parallel processing on a couple tracks instead of a send you’d have to make another copy of the sample. That’s not the case here though. I’m really stumped, it’s happening in a few places and all the instruments/tracks are unique. Would a little video of what’s happening help?

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First time I hear of autossek and have to check this.

Btw. @Snares: Great fan of your music!

I’ve reported autoseek weirdness before. Try the attached song.

Play from line 04 in the last pattern (use the Play Pattern from Current Line command). Autoseeked instrument 00 should play. But won’t.

Delete the second column. It works again.

Decrease the first pattern to 22 lines: It works again.

Remove the note-off in the last pattern: It works again.

Don’t know if this has anything to do with the issues you’re experiencing. But maybe you could try simplify your song as much as possible while preserving the weird behaviour. And then post it here.

Autoseek bug2.xrns (380.7 KB)

Thanks. I can replicate the problem with the song too. Will be fixed. Seems that this also is @Snares problem. He also mentioned that multiple note columns are involved in his case.