Autoset Delay On Tempo/speed Change

Hi there,

Is it possible to make a small checkbox below the [set] buttons of the intern delay effect, which autoset the time of L&R when the tempo/speed is changed. (lineair) Because most of the time I use that.
And it would be so much more easier if that algoritm of the [set] buttons will be automated on change.

If it’s not clear what I mean, please tell me so I can express it with more detail. (if that’s possible ;) )

If I understood you correctly, you want L. Delay and R. Delay sliders to automatically change when BPM or Speed values are changed.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. It’s a pain in the ass to change the tempo in any way, and then to go to every single track, look through the whole chain for delays and click on the 2 “set” buttons.

Good idea SpeedWell!

Tnx !!! and yes, that’s exactly what I mean !!!

It is a good idea, but with one problem (for me at least). Othen I use a small offset of a couple of millisecs to get a better stereo image or to just make it sound not so digital. So I would like to be able to lock it to for instance 6.01 lines or maybe even better 6 lines + 5ms. Without such an option, I would hardly use this feature at all.

synching the delay back to a certain amount of rows is as easy as putting two track commands on the desired line:

[i]x[/i]5[i]yy[/i] and [i]x[/i]6[i]yy[/i]


  • [i]x[/i] is the position of the delay effect in the DSP chain
  • [i]yy[/i] is the number of lines of delay

… and would be even easier with the suggested feature :)

This doesn’t work too well for what I’m considering.

I rarely change tempo during the track. While composing, however, I often mess around with tempos until I hear something I like. I don’t do this at a specific place in the song, either. The problem is that it’s a pain to go through and click all the ‘set’ buttons to sync up the delays again.

With your solution, I would have to put that command in the pattern that I’m currently messing around in, which isn’t that bad, but automatic is better.

Also, with regards to Johan’s comment - I think that such an automatic delay set (or any tempo dependent effect for that matter. Hell, LFOs should be able to set by tempo) should have a “percentage + or - from the set whole number” option, or simply allow the user to input decimals and not be restricted by whole numbers.

None of this is vital, of course. I just think it would be a quick and cool thing to add to an upcoming minor release.

Timestretching and custom LFO waves are much higher on my list of cool little Renoise improvements.


Yeah! Exactly how I work too. You seem to have a way of putting my thoughts into words :)

:lol: :lol:

You assume that the sliders are equal.
What I mean is that you set them the way you like and
then ‘lock’ them in that position and are autoset when the tempo changes.
So you will keep your stereo image.

crappy example:
Let’s say you set them like this

click ‘autoset’ to lock them
and when the tempo goes up
and down

Hmm… that is a solution I didn’t think of. Still there is a slight problem (maybe not a big deal in practice): If you have 5ms difference between left/right and change to half the speed (= double the delay), this difference will increase to 10ms.

That would be automaticly adjusted (calculated) with the right algorythm.
I’m no programmer but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course it is. There is no way for the computer to know if this is intended or not.

If i remember correctly we had a discussion about that some time ago.

but i second that idea! too bad its not implemented yet… :(

It’s been a while, but does anyone know if this is going to be implemented or not? Because i’m still hoping and looking forward to see this implemented.
It saves so much time.

Tnx… :)

Ok, sorry for the old topic revival, but I work everyday with delays
and most of the time I want to change tempo during a song or just for testing how the song sounds in a faster or slower tempo.

Apparently people above in the thread like the idea too.
Is it that hard to implement?
Because every time clicking the [set] button is becoming very frustrating at times. :wacko:

I hope a developer can give a clear view/answer on this, why or why not implement this.

Thanks in advance. :D

Thats quite simple to answer.

Of course this is something everyone want, and it is also pretty simple to implant really.
However, there are like, literally, hundreds even thousands of small and simple suggestions just like this one :)
So it’s just a matter of priority. What to develop next.
That said, I’m pretty sure this one will be dealt with in the not so far future :)
The suggestion is well noted, so we just have to wait and see.

Yes I understand…

and thanks for the fast reply. :D…c=12312&hl=