Ava Vocal Mix Feat. Henrietta :)

I still havent run past it on a fresh set of ears, so there might still be some little erroneous bits :)

anyway, this will do for now. Hope you like it. I really enjoyed working wtih her voice.

Ava vs Henriette

EDIT: to save confusion, this was added in a later post…
Ava Vocal Mix (ver. 2)

Nice melting of genres here. I like the gating and glitch…

A few things I’d change in the mixing… Take the top boost off her voice and put back in the bass. This will make sense if you compress her voice a bit more, don’t be afraid to use a light ratio but a deep threshold. The rest of the sounds are great, but maybe less resonance would take out the grey feeling, maybe you want this.

The main rhodes/plinky melody gets a little repetive toward the end. Maybe some chordal / improv variation would help.

Pleasant song in the making though!

I like it- I think it would be cool to double some of the vocal bits and have one of the instances off by a titch for dynamics in certain parts of the song, maybe slice a few vocal parts into sync with some of the beats for effect (so that portions can become part of the beat, you know what I mean?). And the mutilated break- It’s sweet- but it’s kind of hidden, I think you could bring out some of the mid and upper frequencies as well as the overall amplitude a bit more- it sounds kinda burried and in the background rather than being one of the main elements of the track next to the vocals. Other than those three things, I think the song is f****ing sweet- although I did enjoy the track she sang over for the other guy, this type soft melodic music with harsh broken beats is more my style, so It kinda wins me over. :yeah:

This is the first time I’ve worked on vocals propperly, still learning lots of little things, technical tips like these are good, and very welcome. I just hope you can see what I’m trying to make it sound like…

I want to not listen to this for a few days then pick it up and see what things strike me straight away; I know its not perfect as it is now…

particularly the mastering, this is always a problem with my current speaker setup

I have a name, you know! :angry:


I’m on shitty laptop speakers right now, so I’ll comment on this track sometime tomorrow. I’m anxious to hear how you worked her vocals!

well for the record…umm, is it sonar? sonic? whatever ( :P)
I like yours more

I know Other Guy… I was just too lazy to head back over there and see what it was. =P

Nice combination of different styles, i agree with the critics Foo? mentioned, looking forward to a final version.

so do I, especially after applying them :)

I turned out too impatient to wait a few days…

Ava Vocal Mix (ver. 2)

Also, changed the tune structure slightly, and decided to chop up the beat and make it a bit more glitchy near the end…if ifs too much I can cut it back, I’d like to hear what people think of that aspect compared to the first version i posted…

by the way, beatslaughter, if you want the vocal tracks I’m sure henriette wont mind (correct me if I’m wrong…) since we were going to collab on that track anyway…It would probably go well with the beat remix you were going to do when you finished playing elder scrolls ;)

This is probably not going to be the final version yet, you know how these things go…besides, everyone here has had very good tips so far, I imagine there will be new things to point out with this one…and I want to get this just right because I like these vocals alot…dont want to be responsible for f**king them up :)

Still sounds cool, I like this track and here are a couple of ideas;

About the vocal treatment, I still think it’s not enough played around with, you could do some glitching here and there like on 0:54, that would be exellent! I feel that it’s most the time just echoed. Also, the ending is a bit too short in my opinion, but that’s only cos I love the chords on 2:28-2:40, it should be a part of it own. Also, I personally don’t like the instrument used for the lead at 2:01.

Oh and btw, Beatslaughter, you have a go on the vocals. ;) She wants the voice spread wide!

yes, but basics first; do all the sounds fit together, before I try and add extra elements?

You have no idea how easy adding a few more glitchy bits is with my way of thinking/tracking hehe

Wow - from that I get goose bumps. In the most positive way :) It’s amazing how vocals change the whole mood of a song.

5* by me :)

The second version sounds really better, interesting, how some new samples can push the creativity for a song. :)

Much better man… Probably the last things that bug me are the harsh harmonics in the eq on her voice, but I guess you’ll get that sorted if you get new monitors - which leads me to the second point - some of the dynamics seem a bit jumpy. More gentle squash required?

Arrangement seems a little tighter…

I know I know… I’m being picky… I know how hard making music with vocals is, been trying it for years now and it’s a subtle art. I just hope some other Renoisers can conqure it.

sounding better :walkman:

Man…I absolutely love that main little organ lick. Really cool, chill, and relaxed vibe. Awsome…

As for the vocals, I feel like they’re out of sync a little sometimes. Take 00:58 for example…my brain is telling me that they’re a little too early…like a couple ticks early. Same thing with 1:05.

Also, I think it would be cool that her humming of the main organ lick at 1:35 and on would line up with the organ, like it eventually more-or-less does at 1:55.

Other than that, this is a really cool tune! Keep up the good work!

I would love to get my grubby hands on this track and remix it! I might just sample that little organ lick from the beginning. :P

hmm perhaps we could make a trade…

how about: if you master this version for me and show me what you’ve done (ie just error detection not re-writing) you can remix it to your hearts content :ph34r:
I can’t really hear the small issues people have pointed out in this version, maybe its my speakers, maybe its my f****d hearing…

Pre-warning, like everything in my life, this track is very messy :)

Well…I think the mix and master of your version is quite OK. The only thing that troubles me are those little shifts in the vocal that I pointed out.

But we could definitely do something like you suggest. :smiley:

I could be contacted here: sonus@djsonus.com

Just shoot me an email and we can go from there.

you got mail :rolleyes: