Available_plugins returns long numbers in VST3 names

Testing this in the terminal I find that the VST3 names appear as long numbers. Only occurs with VST3 names.


[29] =>  Audio/Generators/VST/Piano V2
[30] =>  Audio/Generators/VST/TAL-BassLine-101-64
[31] =>  Audio/Generators/VST3/4172747541564953416C617650726F63
[32] =>  Audio/Generators/VST3/41727475415649534B61743150726F63

At least I know the first one should be called something like this:

[31] => Audio/Generators/VST3/Analog Lab V

This happens at least with Arturia plugins. But I suspect it will happen with any VST3 name.

I think I remember in alpha testing, taktik said this is how VST3 paths are named under the spec. Can’t find the thread at moment though to confirm.

It’s possible. I think I have read something similar elsewhere. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain the “understandable” name of each device and create a custom list, even linking it.

However, if this is the case, the available_plugins table will be a bit useless.

The issue I am experiencing is that if the user has both versions of the same plugin installed, both the VST2 version and the VST3 version have the same name, for example “Analog Lab V”. You need to get the “VST” or “VST3” tag in some way to create a consistent listing so that the user knows in advance what is loading.

Thank you for mentioning it!