Avalanche - Grande Scorpion

Hello Renoisers ! Here is my new track, entirely made with Renoise !


I hope you’ ll like it ! It aims to have a kinda Daft Punk feeling, in a more modern way… Please tell me what you think ! I’ ll return all feedbacks, and tell you everything you want to know ( well about my tracks at least :D ).

Have a good day !

Pretty nice like 80’s electronic music :) original tune :)

Really like the track! Keep up the good work.

very solid song, you can definitely hear the influence.

i especially like the beginning (up until 2:12) and i was hoping to hear some of this style/these ideas towards the 4 or 5 min mark but instead you went for the arpeggiated melody solo which is fine … i just felt like you could have gone for a stronger climax with the last refrain if you broke the funky house monotony and made the contrast bigger.
but on the other hand, Daft Punk, as much as i love them, aren’t much better in this regard, so it’s all good. :)

great song!

@Simonus : Yes I also love 80’s electronic, for the use of the brasses in this dope song for example -->


If you know any more great tracks like this btw… Please tell me ! And thanks for your comment :)

@Magical Dog : Thanks, I will don’ t worry about that ;)

@Mandulin : That’ s funny because I thought the beginning was the weakest part of the song ! And about your idea it’ s interesting, and could be nice you’ re right ! I’ ll try that when I won’ t be sick of this song anymore :D . I was also thinking about adding more present drums, like hats or something. And the final break was highly influenced by the Aerodynamic’ s one in fact, but I still think that one is unbeatable :walkman:

Thanks a lot for the feedbacks !