Ave Maria

This is doing two things that I never do:

  1. It’s a dance/house song.

  2. It’s something I didn’t write, just put together and sung.


:) u are a singer :)

Merry Christmas

Thanks :)

Merry post-Christmas to you too :)

A new pavarotti xD

U must absolutely shot a video on this :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that–I’m no Pavarotti LOL, but thanks very much for the compliments :) :D

I downloaded a song by famous castrato singer Alessandro Moreschi, Ave Maria while ago and I still often use it in my music. Totally unrelated though. :)

Nice work with the track though.

I would like to hear more dynamics around the track like you do at the very end with tighter drums before it finishes. The drums, otherwise i think, let it down, since Ave Maria has a slow feel. That’s not to say its impossible to use four on the floor, i just think it takes a bit more thought.
On the other hand, this is, like you’ve said, a test, and i think its a pretty successful one, the vocals are clear and the harmonies soar. Could you not have decided on a less cheesy tune and backing track though?
Only joking
Well done.

The singing is very nice :)
The track around it is to much delay, too less innovation and variation in the beat.
Anyway fun to listen to it :)

It sounds just a tad to serious to be tongue in cheek, in other words your singing is too good :slight_smile: . On top of this porno music beat I’d like a more over the top interpretation :slight_smile: Start of serious then spass out on occasion.