Avoid recording midi events in the pattern lines


I would like to know if there is a way to prevent Renoise from writing incoming midi information in the pattern lines while recording? Is there a way to only write in automation envelope?

Thanks a lot

In preferences there is a midi section where you can uncheck whatever you dont need

Thanks for the reply,

Yes but doing so prevents midi to be recorded at all, which is not what I’m trying to achieve…

I want to receive incoming midi, I want to record it but only in the automation and not in the pattern

You mean like recording the turn of a knob like controlling the filter of a vst and have that recorded?

No, recording the turn of a knob from real hardware

Does that real hardware control a vst ?

No, not necessarily. Sometimes I use to automate a vst. but sometimes it is just to record the hardware automation in order to play it back via midi out (e.g. to another hardware synth).

You have to be more specific in what you want to do.If you know how to automate in Renoise what is the problem i dont understand?