Avoid Saving Unchanged Samples

when saving a project with either lots of samples and/or large samples, renoise takes a while because it writes all of them to disk, then re-zips the xrns. it seems to me that renoise could optimize this process and only write samples to disk if they’ve changed, leaving the unchanged parts of the xrns file alone.


feasible, but dsue to the way zip-archiving works impossible.
At least it won’t save much time when it regards repacking the xrns. It would even cost more time since the existing xrns should be unpacked, only updated contents should be overwritten and then again be repacked.

I think implementing project files and simply store the contents open and unpacked on the harddrive is the better solution here regarding time-saving processes.
The packing stuff should be really for the moment you want to distribute the complete content.

Yes! “Save song as a project” in the same sense as in e.g. Cubase! YES!!

renoise save the current song always to a new file, after succesfull saving renoise checks the xrns, than deletes the old one and renamed the new saving to desired songname.
and that is [b]good]/b]!

did you never have a crash during saving a file and losting your project? if no, say thanx to such behaviour like renoise have!

on the contrary, i have lost several project files because i ran out of temp space when renoise was trying to re-save unchanged samples to disk and, somehow, Song.xml got corrupted.

vV, i like your solution. save the project as an unpacked .zip unless requested to do otherwise.

hmm, in this case renoise brings up a message like “saving was not sucessfully”, and you can try to save it
again after to free up some disc space.
i never got a corrupted song.xml or *.xrns with this behaviour. the currently onliest way to crash your
song in renoise is simply to load to ram, more than 1.2gbyte. after the message in renoise “renoise runs out of memory” or something like this, you cannot save, so its also not possible to destroy your file on harddisc.

but please describe your problem closer: you say you have not enough tempporal harddisc space for creating a second xrns file, and try to save your current project on this harddisc (same partition?) .
this corrupts your existing file on harddisc?

on my system, /tmp is in a separate partition which has far less space than /home (in which i have all of my .xrns projects) does.

maybe you could set your /tmp folder to a partition which have at least some more megabytes left?
i wondering how for example winrar wirks on your system, because it also uses sometimes /tmp folder ?