Axiom 25 Transport

Does anybody know how to control renoise transport with the axiom transport touch?

The transport buttons isn’t mapable as far as I know. Not yet anyway…

Yes but as far as I have understand it should work with MMC message

Sorry. Havn’t been following the MMC discussion… Maybe It is possible then.

hm, let me know if you find out? last i heard, it wasn’t possible. but don’t let that discourage your investigation

I find how to do it with fl-studio but I need CC number that correspond to the renoise transport function

tutorial for FL is here

It’s possible to configure the axiom 25 to send mmc message, which mmc do you send with your sampler?

If I understand this post from Vv correctly, the transport buttons on your Axiom should be made functional.

I’d be interested to know if it works for you, as I’m going to buy an Axiom 25 soon. :)…st&p=140346

I need help, mmc for start/stop/rec does not work at all!

Here is the link to the axiom 25 manual

If a midi geek could have look and help me it would be a pleasant Xmas gift!

Hey, don’t know, but maybe this could help you:

i own a behringer bcr2000 (midi controller with knobs) and was also interested in how to get midi transports working. i figured out that it is possible, but not the simple way by using the mmc message “play” and “stop”. the controller must have the possibility to learn midi messages.
with my bcr2000 i did the following:

1.) in renoise midi preferences select your bcr2000 as midi clock master and uncheck all options except “send start/stop”!
2.) put your controller in learn mode (for bcr press learn + button/knob)
3.) hit play in renoise and watch if the controller has accepted the signal (bcr2000 displays “good”)
4.) put controller in learn mode again with a different button and hit stop in renoise.
5.) once this is done, go back into renoise properties, undo midi clock master settings and select your controller in midi clock slave settings.
6.) close properties and enable renoise as midi slave (tiny symbol next to the BPM)

thats it, in my case i can start / stop renoise now with the buttons on the bcr2000.