Axiom 49 Help

new to renoise and comp music in general…

i can get the sliders and knobs to respond but it is possible to program the buttons under the sliders to turn effects on an off etc?

if that makes sense?

hey, do you know much about midi?

basically, each slider/knob sends a midi CC number (from 0-127). These can be changed internally in the axiom so that you can choose how you want it to work (check the manual). Then all you have to do in renoise is either use the midi CC device in your dsp chain (to automate plugin instruments) or midi mapping. To map the knobs and faders out to things in renoise, simply press Control-M/Command M, select the fader in the dsp chain that you wish to control, then move the slider/knob. Close it and you should now have control using your hardware. hope this works for you.

No, since there is no automation for play and stop and on or off you cant midi map those parameters.

that is an issue more with renoise than your midi controller. It would be nice to be able to map those features though…

all though some people do it, renoise isn’t much of a “live performance” tool. if you are playing live you would want to be able to easily control turning effects on and off, but in the studio it’s generally pretty easy just to type in an xf00/xf01 command.

alternatively, if you wanted to turn effects on and off with a midi controller, you could put the effects on a send track and modulate the send levels with a midi button (0 or 127). This is one solution…

Yeah I’d love that too, especially Play, pause and repeat.