Axiom 49

Guys. I’m about to buy an Axiom 49 key midi-keyboard/controller. They have them for $250 at Long and McQuade, and they seem better than the Oxygens I played with. I was thinking about a Novation remote SL 49, but I don’t know if it is worth the extra expense? I’m looking for someone to say “get THIS one, for god’s sake!”. Anyone got any ideas which to get? Anyone know if the automap plays nice with Renoise?

My needs:

  1. semi-weighted or otherwise nice-feeling keys.
  2. a few knobs and sliders, but not too many.
  3. around the $300 mark.
  4. seamless integration with Renoise and Logic.
  5. durable. I have a one-year-old who will try and mount it.

(note: I did a search on this topic beforehand and found some bits and pieces, but they were outdated)

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It`s a good choice pal. Buy it.
I use 25 version, it totally suits my needs, didnt found any minuses.

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I just tested an AKAI MPK 49 and was blown away. Now I have a choice to make…

is dat MAGIC note repeat function working in RNS btw ???

I don’t know. I tested it on Reason in the store.

Hey, can you assign a midi controller to a number of different instruments simultaneously in renoise, or does it have to be to one instrument with different sounds mapped over the keyboard? I was just wondering if I will have to do my drumming into one track at a time or multiple tracks at a time?

The MPK49 looks awesome. I am now also considering getting an MPD25 midi controller and a separate, simple keyboard (maybe an oxygen or just a keyboard unit). The cost is about the same and it keeps things modular.

yes, you can program axiom keyboard 2 control diff instrs simultaneously, it calls keyboard zones, u just program the key zones , for example zone 1 is for Massive, zone 2 is battery and etc…

just download manual from m-audio`s site.

about MPD24 (not 25 lol). the same thing.

Ha, yeah, mpd24, what was I thinking. Probably the Keyboard names got me confused. Just to confirm. Say I have a kick drum sample in instrument slot “0” in renoise, and I want it playing on track 1, and I have a snare drum sample in instrument slot “1” in renoise, and I want it playing on track 2, can I set up a MIDI controller so that I can bash away a kick and snare pattern in one take and have it trigger the kick in slot “0” and the snare in slot “1” at the same time? I just can’t imagine a way to set it to do this.


What about the Emu X-Board? Under £100 and with aftertouch?

The only thing I dont like about my axiom 25 is that the knobs are to hard to turn.
The clicks are to hard to turn smoothly, I wish I could adjust that in some way…

yeah man, endless rotation sucks. not smooth they are…

Ah yeah, fuck mate I forgot about the endless rotation thing. Sorry.

Look into this before you buy. It is gayness.

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Sorry, I meant to say EMU X-Board, not Creative.

Maybe the XBoard Control program will do what you want?…av=introduction

Here’s the manual:
Pages 45 onwards cover the XBoard Control program.

(Sorry for the image being cut in two, for some very odd reason, Emu have two images on their site, can’t understand why. The entire image on their site is made of five images stuck together, seemingly for no reason!)

Looks interesting thanks, I will try and read this. I’m leaning toward the MPD24 and a trigger keyboard, and this could be the one.

Hell, fagness ) lol

but i use axiom co-op with novation zero sl, which have 8 smooth rotation encoders and they are fixed.