Azerty - Qwerty Problem


i have the problem that renoise uses a qwerty keyboard, and my laptop is a azerty.
In the settings, i didn’t find annything about this.
Is this not possible with renoise?

friendly greetings,

What exactly does not work for you? The keyboard commands or typing in text, or?

the keyboard commands.

If i rename an instrument, it works fine, but for example the effect commands are qwerty while my keyboard is azerty.

Ouch. You are right. Renoise assumes a QUERTY keyboard for the A-F keys in the pattern editor. In all the years Renoise exists, no one of our french users has ever reported this. Let me fix this for the next release…

Till then, the only workaround is to hit the QUERTY “A” in the patterneditor to enter an “A”.


just type QBC instead of ABC

edit : but yes, a little switch in the settings would be nice

No need for an option. This should (and will in the next release) just work

hi, i’ve just downloaded “Mac OS X - Renoise 2.1.0 Demo” version and i’ve found the same querty/azerty problem.
i really like this software and haven’t found anything as good as renoise yet, so is there anyway to fix this issue in the latest demo version ?

What exactly is the problem on OSX for you. That the “A” key on the french keyboard does not type a “A” in the pattern editor?
Just tested this on windows, there it should work just fine with french keyboards, but maybe we’ve missed something for OSX…

Just tried this here with a french keyboard layout, but it works as it should with and AZERTY layout.

Would be great if you could give us some more details…

I’m so sorry i thought i would be notified by email when someone had respond to my post
And no, there’s absolutely no problem when typing text in the pattern editor (in order to rename tracks for example)

The problem is with the shortcuts :
For instance if i want to quit the software i would normally type cmd+Q but in renoise i have to type cmd+A because the A letter is, on the azerty keybord, on the same spot than the Q letter is on the querty keyboard.
Even though, if i click on Renoise in the “menu bar” i can read “Quit Renoise : cmd+A”. The problem is i am used to employ azerty’s shortcuts. Also i simply cannot use the virtual keyboard properly :confused:

so, is there any solution ?

I have an azerty-keyboard and a mac os x, I also would like to use this program, but mainly the keyboard shortcuts doesn’t function (al these f9 f10 and so one, not to speak that I’ve never seen a home button on a mac keyboard). So a lot of problems.