B-complex - Beautiful Lies (hospital Records)

Hello guys,

I would like to inform you that hospital records are just releasing one of my tracks on a compilation called sick music, if you like it you can check it here : http://shop.hospitalrecords.com/format/nhs154CD/#
it’s made 100% in renoise :drummer:

Congrats! That’s bloody awesome bcx. When’s the first LP coming out? :P

This is a really great track. Where have I heard it before? Perhaps as a white label in a mix, or a preview from another thread here on the forum that I’m forgetting about?

Either way, congratulations! You’re definitely in good company on Hospital, they consistently put out superb music.

That’s really cool man!

Hospital-records is a really cool label!

Thank you guys :) it is indeed very good place to be at, very professional and openminded towards music!
LP is out since 15th of june, double cd + mp3 is going to be released this monday - 29th

Dblue - there was a clip from youtube here where you probably heard it before :)


Mad props! :yeah:

I was counting the days until the iTunes release!

Sick music is a wicked compilation, quite a few top notch tracks on this one. Something for everyone!