B*tch Had A D*ck...

Knocked up in renoise, not much else to add…

Bitch had a Dick

This is the bomb dude, I love it! :D *Burns to CD.

You’re a genius, You need to add the artist info to the mp3.

I can’t tell if this is knocking down transgenderism or supporting it :P

I thought this was going to be about Butch and his Duck.

sounds like lo fi fatboy slim


The track was influence by a Kappa tracksuit wearing geezer bird that sometimes swings past here.

would like to point out that this was a diss aforementioned person


you wanna fight?
i’ll f****ing stab ya

veeeery nice tune… or perhaps it’s the combination of the sun outside and the sunny feeling of the track… :P


That comment wasn’t aimed at you.

yeah very nice track! too bad it sounds like it was composed on laptop speakers…

F*ck, proper mixing is a thing for nerds. This track is perfect! :D

Yes, if you also LISTEN music on laptop speakers, sure…!
I like to hear more than just mid frequencies, that’s just 1/3 of music

Sweet tune, in desperate need of mastering though, but awesome none the less.

Yep I agree, :D I was joking. It grinds the sh*t out of my ears when I played it in my friends car.

Funny thing, I heard the song that was sampled at the gas station yesterday. I was singing with it amongst grabbing some beer and the clerks we’re laughing at me when I walked up to pay. :)

Here’s the xrns for anyone that wants…