Baby Audio Plugins

I had the two free VST2 plugins by Baby Audio, namely Magic Switch and Baby Comeback, working fine and all. I formated my computer, reinstalled clean Renoise and though all other plugins are detected and working fine the 2 plugins mentioned above are totally invisible. All folder settings are double checked. Other plugins show up fine. I have set my folder C:Plugins instead of inside the Program Files path (C:Program Files\Plugins). Anybody have any suggestions? Thank You!

Try this solution on the last post and see if it helps

Thank You! I appreciate that actually. May I ask, what are the keybinding files in the Roaming folder? Just wondering actually.

Deleting the 2 Cashed vst files from roaming didn’t work. The Baby audio plugins are still invisible to renoise. I don’t really need them. Just thought to mention it since it is weird they showed up before I clean installed windows 10.

Before you reinstalled were these plugs working in Renoise?What kind of vst are they vst 2 or vst3 cause Renoise does not support vst 3 yet

Yea they worked fine! Both vst2. Strange huh?

Other plugins from the exact same destination show up as well as they did before. Only the 2 free baby audio plugins don’t. Magic switch and baby comeback.

Do you keep 32bit and 64 bit plugins in the same folder? Try keeping only 64 bit and even try reinstalling Renoise or try an older Renoise version but this is strange behavior indeed