<baby I'm The Shit> Rock Synth Brkbt

I sing like a cat on crack but my elite r4pZ0r5 skills is all that… y0_o
hmm I hope you have a sense of humor :blink:

download the song here at ctg

This shit is ----> f|23sH <----- dude.

I’m going to download this and bump it in my car with a chick (I keep a music for chicks in my car compilation in the glovebox). :lol:

f**kin oath.

this belongs more in the backseat collection, though, I think :)

Why did I never think of that… a backseat comp- you’re a genius Alex!

This song would be some funny shit to listen too while boning a chick- while this was playing I’d check my self out in the rearview mirror and make model faces and shit like dude does on Psycho when he f**king that chick in his apartment. :lol:

we prefer to be called the stupiditistically impaired B)

awesome ideas :lol:

the song is also an effective aid for impressing topmodel chicks… just act look them in the eyes, act loose&cool while lip-syncing the lyrics. practice 5 mins everyday in the mirror.

American Pshyco was such an excellent movie. Main character is a bad ass.

you should link more of your tracks!! This is some sweet programming.

thanks. I have other songs on the internet everywhere, you just didnt look good enough.

hmm… I’m thinking of putting a zip/rar file online with my latest project. Boss Got Seasoned. I dunno what to do with it, i could also deside to finally shop around for labels. But then i’d have to make more serious music.


So- I played the song in the car with my ex GF drving around on a cool breezy night down this desolate road right outside of the city were you can see the lights- you know that spring night smell, and she was listening to the lyrics… and all of a sudden she tells me that this song describes me perfectly and was all touching my face and loking at me crazy. :lol: It worked! I thought I was just going to play it to set a mood for the f**** of it, next thing I know she asked me to pull over, and she starts up all over me dude! This shit works fing great. I was just fing around too. You’re the man. I gotta look around on your sight and see if you got more shit like this. Your track is pure MOJO BABY!!!


it’s spicy mojo de cilantro

She was your ex gf at that moment? holy shit, congratz to you. :lol:

It’s cool shit even though it doesn’t make sense.
But stuffing a few fluffs of cotton wool in your cheeks to bring out a more native English accent wouldn’t do you any harm :P

Als een Nederlander Engels spreekt / zingt / rapt, is het ook meestal duidelijk dat het een Nederlander is.

Great tune. Good mix, good drums, good synth, great use of effects, and I like the way the vocals are equalized. You may not make no sense, but you’re the shit.

I tried but it seems impossible to loose the accent. That’s why the lyrics make no sense, i was practicing my speech more than trying to be a lyrical genius. Either way I’m the shit. :P
Englsh with an eastern european accent would sound best here imo or teh g4ngsta R4p.

thanx. recording and deciding how they would sit in the mix, that was the biggest challenge/fun. There are so many options and possibilities.

this does have some really nice synths. excellent bassline. i bet this song would sound good sped up too. great attention to detail on the beat

awesome break section that starts around 3:15 , love the chord progression here.

the whole song flows really well and doesn’t get boring even though it’s pretty long.

great work as always man!