Back To The Future

Well, I’ve decided to make a return to making music. Then again, I suppose it can only be marked as a “return” if anyone noticed I left. So I guess it’s not so much a “return” as a “resume”. =)

In any case - I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Korg M3 workstation. (Man that thing kicks ass). And out of one of the most powerful workstations ever I managed to create a song that sounds like it was made in 1989. Oh well - it’s still cool!

Please check it out and give me a some feedback.

David / Hektic

Good groove, nice drop at 1:40, welcome back!

Nice one, really liked it!
There was something strange in the high frequencies, though. A bit high resonance on the staccato lead?


I like the snappy sound of the snare, and its cool how you’ve made that snarling synth sound like a sanple being looped, although it might be a bit loud in the mix. i was just typing how it might need some strings but nevermind hehe. cool tune!

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nice tune. like the phat foundation leads