The back2you remix projects

Your chance to remix history. Rufige Crew, 4 Hero, Manix, Nebula2, Nicky Black Market & many more, form the mighty REINFORCED RECORDS stable. Producers, it’s YOUR time.

Its Back2you

looks interesting

Refige Kru = Goldie.

I think I’ve heard of 4-hero too.

Wow, legends of Jungle. I’m in!

PS: Original poster of Reinforced Records, did you work there back in 97-99? The duo I was in sent you a demo tape (“PFD - Revient à l’Hopital”, green & pink, an ugly looking mutant nurse drawing on it) - We ended up on a compilation (Toryumon, a subsidiary of Sony Japan, or something) which if I remember correctly, they got the demo from you guys… Just throwing it out there.

Anyways, awesome remix contest.

where is the sample pack? :unsure:

You have to register :angry:

btw. hallo world