Backspace Key In Edit Mode

So… what will it be?

I seemed to remember swaying Taktik through email on this at least a year back, but since he’s been busy developing other areas of the program it’s been put off… I wanted to re-ignite some discussion on this as it is worth a tweak to the code, which should even be toggled to one behavior or the other quite simply. Please take a second to respond to the survey.

Fact is, most of the tracker programs which came loooong before renoise operated the way I’m proposing. if you enter edit or record mode, tab and arrow your cursor to a specific note, then hit the “backspace” key on your kb, you wouldn’t delete AND backspace, you’d just pull the current note (or currently selected tick / default orange highlighted spot in the track) UP one in the track for every hit of the backspace key. If you want to delete the currently selected note, you’d enter edit mode, and hit delete. You wouldn’t want to hit backspace anyway unless you didn’t care if you offset everything following the note you want “backspaced” one tick too early.

For clarification we’re ignoring the fact that apple decided to call a backspace key an additional “delete” key… you should get the point, just to clear up any possible confusion… and no, tracking did not start out on any apple OS :)

thanks for contributing to this topic!


I think that the current behaviour of the backspace key in Renoise adheres to the application standards, so miming the non-standard of old trackers would be a step back which could confuse new users, while the old ones should be able to accustom to this behaviour.

of course this is my personal point of view

how about miming the standards of current text, html and most any other editor I can think of??

for real… some of us are OCD computer users who adhere to logical functionality, not just the standards set by dinosaur tracker applications which are the reason you have what you are selling now. :)

mSepsis: Your favorite backspace mode is there, its just not the default.

See Renoise 2.5 Beta Testing Starts please.