Backstage Content for redux

Trying to install the extra content from backstage for redux. Psudaform and djeurek packages install okay, but others do not. Redux reports installation of the ‘elements’ extra, but it does not show up in the preset selection window. The others, Beatslaughter, PureMagnetix, and ModeAudio do not install.

The “non working” packs are just sample / instrument packs for Renoise from a time before Redux existed and no specific Redux libraries. Simply extract them somewhere on your HDD and you can load the content by using the little folder icon and browsing to their location.

You can also create an own folder in your Redux user library path and place the contents there manually for easier access. Right click on one of the already installed libraries and pick “Reveal in Explorer”. For example on Windows it’s C:\Users\Usrname\Documents\Renoise\Installed Libraries".