Backstage downloads (on linux)

Hi all,

I am trying to download the additional .xrni and soundpacks from backstage (specifically the Puremagnetik xrni), but clicking the link just opens and closes a tab - no download is initiated. I am logged in to my account as instructed with an email address, and java script is running. Right clicking either link (on the “Home” or “Extras” tabs) to save will just download the .html file.

I’m using Brave browser on Ubuntu Studio 22.04LTS, if that helps. Thanks in advance for any help!

It works fine here in Firefox (macos), maybe try Firefox then?

Thanks for the reply, that was my next step - I should add that right clicking and opening either download link in a new brave tab just takes me to the login screen for some reason.

Will give Firefox a shot.

Firefox worked - not sure what is up with Brave and the Renoise site, but thanks for the reply @ffx .

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