Backstage Login

Hello people,

I am new to Renoise and this way of making music.
I try to log into the Backstage, but I don’t really now how this works.

I tried to log in with the forum credentials but no chance.

Can anyone provide any tips on the subject?

Thank you

As far as i remember you create an account during thje order process. Its different from your forum account, not the same. You can use “contact us”, if you dont remember your email address.

Backstage is for those who bought Renoise.If you have and forgot password use contact us form.If you run Firefox disable Enhanced Tracking Protection and disable any ad-block software, sometimes some websites behave strange with those on

@Cezar if you still have troubles logging in, you can reach us “privately” at support AT renoise com too.

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Thank you for the reply. I will do accordingly.