Hate to be the squeeky wheel, but the Backstage area is in real need of some added features like un/pw management and contact details management.

I know the team are working on polls, are other Backstage features due for implementation when the polls come out? It would be great to have that area nice and cushy (maybe a humour section too, like we used to have? hehe).

Links to things like the wiki would be good too :yeah:

We awaitz >>>>

thinking about what you wrote, it would also be nice to have a private forum in there, could possibly turn into an incentive to support the devs that way. or of course it could kill this forum at the same time and eventually kill interest in renoise. sooo?
but yeah the backstage area is pretty much a get in & get out type of thing it seems right now.
i think the main objective probably should be to figure out a way for renoise to become more popular to ppl that support projects they respect and can afford. im sure that more sales would equal more action and this we would all benefit from. i think its also safe to say that if it was possible to generate interest in non core types it would bring in alot more than expected.
of course the problem with that is the learning curve and im sure this contributed to the ability of trackers to remain outside of an electronic musicians knowledge.

I think a online sample/rns instrument collection with only highquality, people could vote on how good they think they are.

This would add value to registering Renoise…

i 2nd that!