Backup Software For Win32?

What software are you guys using for making backups? Just the regular built-in OS copying or something a little more sophisticated?

Actually, I’ve been searching for a thread (which was a couple of years old) where someone’s harddrive crashed and IIRC vV (it could have been someone else though) mentioned to always make backups and also mentioned some good freeware software I think.

Anyway, I can’t find that thread, but it planted the idea to finally get a harddrive exclusively for backups. I also bought a trayless mobile rack, so that you can just slide in the backup-HD into the front when the computer is powered off, start the computer, do the backup, power it off again, and out the backup-HD goes.

I’m not looking for any superadvanced regarding software, just something more practical than the Windows copy-stuff.

SyncToy 2.1 - most likely the only really good software microsoft ever brought out :)

Sorry for thread hijack… Sepix, long time no see man! I used to hang out on vsnares forum a LOT :)

I use rdiff-backup for my linux setup and it seems that is also for windows a good choice.
Maybe? ;)

I’m using PureSync here.

I use Cobian backup, automatic backup tool free for personal use

This one looks pretty neat too. Does it also support syncing instead of only copying? If i delete folders / files or rename them at the source, will it propagate to the backup properly?

Thanks for all the suggestions. :)

simply ntbackup. For my off-site backups i use Allwaysync or simply dropbox.
If you don’t mind dragging and dropping into your web-browser, you can try Microsoft’s Live Skydrive… you have 25 GB online free storage.

“SyncBack Freeware” for me, automatic sync certain folders to ftp.

It probably isn’t on windows, but you never know…

I use “Time Machine”. Simple, but effective.

I use Paragon which I bought a few years ago, its really awesome, and has saved me a couple of times!
Problably my best spent bucks together with Renoise.

Its worth investing in some really good backup software.

driveimage xml for whole drives backup…


Cobian Backup is not a synchronizer like for example Dropbox: it is only used to create backup tasks which will run on a schedule basis.

it can send backups via FTP or e-mail though