Backwards compatibility - old *.rns files

I found some old cd/dvd with backups from old *.rns files dating back to year 2000. They all seem to fail to load, so i wonder which version is the last one that supported these old files?
I’d like to upgrade them to recent *.xrns files, how or wich versions could i use to upgrade these in the least amount of steps?

I’ve just loaded a song from 1.1 into 3.2 and it works fine, so there must be some other factor at play here. The first public release was 1.0, which came out 2002, so are you sure they’re older than that?

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Hmm, that was odd. In win explorer it tells me it is from 2000, but yeah, when you mention it that can’t possibly be right since i first started using Renoise in 2004. :smiley:
I wonder if it might actually be old Reason files and not Renoise which i have assigned the extension to. Then it would be no wonder why they won’t load. Haha.

Yup, they’ve gotta be Reason files. Never knew they shared the same extension.

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that’s too bad, i hoped i was going to find some lost Renoise gold, but i’m never going reason again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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