Bad Baby (beta)

Hey all, I could really use a hand. I’ve been in a creative pit since certain life events months ago. Anyways I need a comeback (bad).

I could use some serious feedback on this song. If you don’t like it please say it sucks and why. Any feedback is appreciated. If you had a bad day, then please feel free to take it out on this song.

At the 2:23-2:51 portion I am missing some female moaning sounds, that despite wading through fields internet porn, I have not quite found what I’m looking for. Also the ending is just tossed in there.

Link is bad

the only thing i would change on mixing is take some reverb off the snare, and maybe make the acid quieter

i’m sorry but when the vocals say just “suck” at about 1:25, it just made me laugh.

the break starting about 1:40 is super bad ass. great percussion at that part, and the tension building up to 2:50 is great

it’s hard to offer feedback when i don’t know specifically what you’re wanting advice on. from listening to it, it sounds like you know what you want to do stylistically, but your comments make it sound like you are somehow unhappy with the song.

anyway, when i hear the song, i see the goal that you’re aiming for. everything seems to be in order here. carry on :)

Thanks. My confidence is shot, so I appreciate the kind words.

I definetely like my snares reverby, but in this case I am using cut up beats, so I really don’t know what I can do that won’t diminish the rest of the sample.

Laughing at “suck”… Good laugh or bad laugh?

One thing I am concerned about is if the song changes too much. I consider it progression, but somebody else might consider it random changes.

Hey dj_io, I took at least one piece of your advce. I turned down the verb on the drums, but only a bit. The problem is I am using cut up beats, and they sound very weak (fake?) on their own. I’m not happy about how they sound, but they are acceptable to me.

I left “suck” in, but I’m sorta regretting that, and might change it to “sucking.” What happened is what this song meant changed as I was doing it. Originally it was all about the baby, but then I thought about sex and was going to try to add that in there, but I kept it simple if you will and focused just on the baby. . . I don’t know.

I’m happy about how it ended up, but as with all my songs the mix is not proffessional sounding (not even close).

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