Bad Bandwidth - Echelon

I’ve been really fascinated by ambient music lately. Here’s something I just threw together out of some recordings I’ve made in the last few months. The song is basically done with this simple sort of granular synth I built out of all sort of delay and reverb effects, through which I just played different short samples while experimenting with the effects’ parametres. Everything recorded in realtime with audacity.

There are some glitches, mainly snaps and pops caused by unsufficient CPU power and audio drivers and whatnot but they shouldn’t be too disruptive. In any case it’s very experimental and done out of pure interest of manipulating sound. At not one point I had a goal of compiling an actualy tune out of all that (okay that’s probably a lie…). Comments and all sort of criticism appreciated.

liked it :) , didn’t feel like listening the full 10 minutes at first, short attention span, nothing personal :) , but than a cup of tea and the haunting sounds sucked me in.

I totally understand :D at first I was thinking putting out the whole pieces with all the material, almost 2 hours in total but scrapped that idea off pretty quickly.

Great like fallout and staler tracks :)