Balamb Garden

Finished this one last night, Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy 8:


Heheh, I fucking hate the battle system. I can do the timed hits with the main character but I can rarely ever do it with anyone else…

I’ll check the other songs out, I don’t think I’ve made it to the fisherman’s horizon yet. I’ve not played any of them past 7 and just now got around to playing 8, great game but the battle system sucks.

I watched someone else play part of FF9 and I don’t think I’ll be playing any of them after this one. I’ll go back to the SNES games and work my way up again. :D

My favorite song so far is the boss battle song. I think it’s called “Force the Way” or something. It’s one of those songs you have to stop and actually pay attention to in order to hear how genius it is.

Having spent too much time in FF8 as well, I can’t get enough of its
soundtrack, or any other FF soundtrack since 6 or so… Damn, gotta
love the Star Warsy Fantasy!

Balamb Garden’s melody brings back memories instantly, lovely :)
though my favourite from FF8 is that track playing in that futuristic
city, hidden behind some wall… the track’s called Silence and Motion,
especially played on piano, chills chills…

I’m a huge game soundtrack junky, especially when it comes to role
playing games. people like Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu have
shaped my music more than anyone else. Cheers for this one, cap’n!

Thanks, I’m a game soundtrack junky too. I think about 90% of the stuff I’ve done with Renoise so far is game remakes. I loved the Earthbound soundtrack too. It was genius.

I’ll check out the song you mentioned, I love doing remakes.

re-uploaded, the strings were too loud in certain parts.

I just bought FF12 a week ago, I agree man I love 12 but for some reason I think 7 and 8 will always be my favorites… with 8 slightly in the lead.

Just bought 12 that’s why the delay in response :P

Ive never played FF, but my wife does. So I heard this a lot, and being as I play by ear I know that this is a very accurate recreation. Well done :)

FF7 music is in my opinion more emotive than this of FF8, but both have their place within the respective games.

Thank you! I appreciate the comment. I absolutely love some of the songs in FF7, I plan to recreate some more of them as well.