Balanced Mode In Send Device

2042 send_balanced.png

The slider shows how much of DSP signal goes to send. The rest part of the signal goes thru the device to track. I.e. if slider == INF the device is fully bypassed, if slider == 0 db the signal is fully sent and source is muted.

The mode is probably suggested but should be done since send track is appeared.

I guess the way to do it now is to use hydra device and two gainers (?) but I think this suggestion is very good. Maybe that slider should indicate % instead of dB?


Generally yes, it’s possible with ugly constructions but it’s too ugly for such simply dry<>send functional. % or dB isn’t a very big deal, -6 dB means 50%. dB is more comfortable for controlling volume by ears.

did a forum search but can’t find it, but it has been suggested before. not with a ‘balanced’ mode, simply a dry/wet slider. so you’d get an implementation like the delay-device has, with the dry/wet slider (Send) always there and a Mute Source checkbox:

This would be the way to go.

I fully agree and throw in a “pan control for send devices” suggestion. This would make send devices incredibly more useful imho.

I definitely miss wet/dry option for sending signal to send channels

where 0% would be dry and 100% all signal sent to send device

don’t really like current system


or even better…a completely visual modular view “device” like Fl Studio’s new patcher plugin. It allows you to see your routing of synths and effects, and you can save synth + fx rack presets like Ableton.

a suggestion for this was already made as well. i think (from the top of my head) danoise already had some ‘prototypes’ lying around from a while back that he promised to show when he got home. haven’t seen them there so not sure if he ever got home?

the panning on the send device has been suggested as well.