Ballblazer 2006 Style…%20Ballcore.mp3

Anyone remember Ballblazer on the c64? Has a really killer melody and
I decided to add little beat to it.

Awfully catchy too after it gets going.

I tweaked the production a bit and added a little more variation.

Version 2 -…rty%20South.mp3

Dr. Drips recommended some old rap lyrics. I used some southern rap samples from the Yin Yang Twins, Master P, and the intro is from the dirty king himself Luther Cambell aka Luke Skywalker from 2live Crew.

The original remix alone makes me laugh and there was no way I could put serious hip-hop lyrics to the song and I new that southern rap with it’s flowing lyrics and fast beats would be able to handle the BPM of my track and still sound like its coherant. Plus the original songs are funny so I think it’s a good match.

I almost used some older Bones Thugs and Harmony, but its a little to serious for anything containing ballblazer and the like.

The original composer of that game music did such a wonderful job. I didn’t add much to it seeing the lead is so busy and I don’t think adding any other synths would have worked so I just concentrated on percussion since it was lacking.

Enjoying that track. Quite minimal, but you’re right it does work well like that. Maybe progressing more towards the end and building up with the glitchyness???

I agree. i thought about just going absolutely insane with it, but I am drawing a blank.

I have created a ton of shit lately (wooops and I do mean shit) and my creative juices are no longer in abundance.

I have been forcing myself lately and it’s just starting to get to me so I may have to take a little break.

I have been working on some 10+ year old songs lately and playing around with the production when I have not been able to create anything new. Makes me feel productive still ;)

Funny track, I remember this game, had it on an Atari.
very advance gaming for it’s time. I sometimes just started it to wander around.

those beats are a nice addition, some 80’s hiphop vocals over it
and MC Hammer would have been revolutionairy.

Oh what a good idea!!!

I might be able to throw in some hip-hop samples here in there.

I agree, very advanced for its time. Which atari did you play it on?

The ST or XL, XE or something older?…rty%20South.mp3

Threw some samples in from some southern rap…

Hi there,

I like the vocals over the track now.

I think it was an Atari XE, the one without the fat behind.